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GSM Sim Card for GPS Tracker

Compatible with nearly all 2G, 3G & 4G LTE GPS Trackers

  • Vehicle GPS Trackers
  • Wearable GPS Trackers
  • Pet GPS Trackers
  • Smart Watches
  • Device That Requires A SIM card & Wireless Service

Punch out sizes on SIM Card:

  • Standard/Mini SIM (2FF)
  • Micro SIM (3FF)
  • Nano SIM (4FF)


Prepaid Sim Card

Shipped USPS Without Tracking

FREE Shipping

Prepaid Sim Card

Shipped USPS With Tracking

$2.70 Shipping – Unlimited Sims

LifeTime Warranty

If your Sim Card is damaged and won’t work, we will send you a replacement Sim Card for life if you have an active wireless plan with us.

Wireless Plan Details

You purchase 250, 375 or 500 credits good for 30 days for wireless service. 

Each MINUTE/TALK, TEXT/SMS and MB has a credit value depending on the geographical area used (United States, Canada or Mexico).

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